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Microsoft Limits The Length Of Hotmail Password Upto 16 Characters

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Back in the year 2012, soon after the launch of, the software giant Microsoft” imposed the maximum password length of Hotmail would be 16 characters. The password length more than the maximum limit won’t work anymore. So, Hotmail users must make sure that they do not exceed the character limit while updating their password. In case, you are new on Hotmail and don’t have any idea about the Hotmail features; then you can contact the experts.

However, if you are a loyal Hotmail user and you have kept longer password; then you have to recover your Hotmail password and further create a password having a character limit of 16, as it will show an error message. Moreover, you can even enter first 16 characters of the password to get into your Hotmail account.

Let me make it more clear!

Hotmail user having a password that consists more than 16 characters, then it won’t be valid anymore. But, at the same time, it allows the users to enter first 16 characters, instead of providing the whole password.

Moreover, Microsoft has made the life quite easier for the users, as they don’t have to remember long passwords anymore.

Do you know?

Microsoft doesn’t store your Password, instead, they just generate a hash of your password, so that whenever a user attempts to login to the account; it compares the hash of the password with the password entered. If it matches, then the password is correct.

In order to know more about this update, then you can contact Hotmail Professionals just by dialing specified Hotmail Phone number.

In case, you want to know more about password security and looking for a comprehensive guide to create a strong Hotmail password; then you must visit Microsoft Support Page. You just need to choose a Microsoft product, preferably “Hotmail” and browse your issues for relevant answers from experts.

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